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Nov 16, 2012 12:00pm EST
received two purple hearts. he pushed his wife all of the. she survived. ntsb investigators arrived today. >> we will be looking at information from the signals, making sure the dates and the lights were coming down. >> and video shows the bill gates and the lights working properly. -- the dates and lights working properly. the parade was quite to the need to with a banquet to honor the veterans who had been through so much, now this. >> still to come, the latest on the announcement that hostess is going out of business, in new concerns regarding the safety of a popular energy drink. >> the sunshine is coming in. insta-weather-plus forecast is just ahead. temperatures of up to 49 at the >> bad news for twinkie fans. was this is going out of business, filing a motion to close. they will lay off all 18,500 workers. officials say a nationwide strike crippled their ability to make and deliver products. bakery operations have been suspended, but delivery will continue and hostess brand retail stores will stay open to sell off already baked products. the united states post office reports a reco
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Nov 16, 2012 4:00pm PST
the ntsb. that agency has 16 investigators on the ground here in midland. they've recovered some key evidence. they note train was going 61 miles per hour in a 70 zone. they say there was a camera mounted on the front. it was also equipped with something similar to a black box on an airplane that will help paint an exact picture of what happened in the moments before this horrific accident. >> those recorders, as we speak, are in the air on their way to washington, d.c. for analysis in a laboratory. now, what kind of information are we going to get? speed and braking. >> look at the still picture moments before the impact. the ntsb telling us they have not yet determined if the warning signals were functioning properly as this float made its way into this intersection as people were cheering and welcoming home their heros. >> harris: thank you very much. as the fox report rolls along, we'll talk about a loss of jobs and i cons in this country. the company behind twinkie, ohios and snowballs is shutting down. that means thousands and thousands of employees are out of work. many americ
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
prius models are being recalled to replace the electric water pump >> ntsb released the top 10 list of needed safety improvements for 2013. among the suggestions, the ntsb said they want crash avoidance systems to be standard and it wants to ban nonessential use of cellphones and at airports, the board wants to see ground face technology as well as better training for aircraft maintenance workers. >> we still have 35,000 fatalities anually, hundreds of thousands of injuries and we can and must do better. >> >> reporter: it's now up to congress and federal regulators to decide whether or not to actually require changes. >> california coastal commission unanimously rejected a plan. they wanted to trace network faults off the coast west of -- pg & e wanted it use air guns s create a three dimensional map, but that could create sound waves that could hurt the hearing of ocean life. >>> a firefighter suffered a minor injury to his arm after battling a house fire. crews from several agencies responded to the fire this morning. cher wood forest. it took firefighters 20 minutes to put the flam
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Nov 17, 2012 4:00pm PST
. >> new word from the ntsb about what happened in the final seconds before that crash. >> also, answering the call to serve once again. former members of our armed services lending a hand in the wake of superstorm sandy. >> reporter: we are in the city of new york, plans of leveling 200 homes of safety concerns we are live with a group of veterans racing again the clock sometimes working 18 hours a day to save as many as they can. their story is next. having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. it's debilitating when you try to talk, when you're trying to eat, when you're trying to sleep. i'm constantly licking my lips. water would address the symptoms for just a few minutes. the hygienist recommended biotene. it's clean and refreshing, i feel like i have plenty of fluid in my mouth. i brush with the biotene toothpaste and i use the mouthwash every morning. it's changed my life. it is
Nov 16, 2012 4:00pm EST
suffered minor injuries. there's no word on which driver was at fault. >>> the ntsb has arrived at the scene of a tragedy in texas. last night a freight train slammed into a parade float carrying wounded veterans and their families. four men who served our country were killed in that crash. nbc's jay gray is live now in midland, texas, where some service members rushed to help save lives just seconds after the impact. jay? >> reporter: yeah, jim, you're right, heroes here. it began as a celebration to honor our nation's heroes but in a matter of minutes at the intersection behind me, it shifted to chaos. now it's giving way to a weekend of mourning here. it stood almost like a memorial to the fallen. not the kind that was planned or that anyone wants to see. >> it was tragic. it was devastating. >> reporter: the twisted metal of a flatbed trailer and the train that smashed into a veterans parade slowly pulled away. but the horror here still lingers. >> it was a chaotic scene. it was loud. it was noisy. people were panicking. >> reporter: it started as a picture-perfect day. but that pi
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm PST
according to the ntsb. a marine and three soldiers were killed. they were all wounded veterans. 16 others were hurt. >>> a dinner at an upscale steakhouse ends with a wanted bay area gangster going to the big house. cbs 5 reporter da lin tells us how an alert off-duty officer helped nab a dangerous suspect. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a romantic birthday dinner for an off-duty oakland police officer turned into a crime-fighting date involving a most wanted fugitive. oakland police say this man, 20- year-old ronnie flenaugh had been on the run for six months. >> he was my number one target in east oakland. >> reporter: in fact, just an hour before the arrest in san francisco, oakland police flew out to las vegas and raided a home where they thought flenaugh was hiding. he wasn't there. instead, he and a big group of people walked into ruth's chris steakhouse in san francisco. that was where off duty oakland police officer ernesto lay was celebrating his wife's birthday. >> what drew the attention to the off-duty officer is that a gentleman walked in with a hooded sweatshirt
Nov 17, 2012 11:30pm EST
morning train were activated the flowonds before crossed the tracks. the ntsb said the train started sounding its war 9 seconds float and thethe engineer used is emergency brake 5 seconds before the crash. dozens of local children who would not otherwise get a dinner this year had an amazing meal. father and listed his own kids to help? >> he did, a great way for his meaninglearn the true of thanksgiving. is the second year he has .rganized this festival need and he responded. it may be early for thanksgiving dinner, but never too early to on a kid's face. some of the children said this meal is very special. >> i live with my mom. i don't know where my dad is at. most of the time i would eat in my room. have a lot of family gatherings. >> by the time the evening is over, more than 100 children are to break bread t this community dinner. year that haved organized this. he saw a need in this northeast d.c. community. so many kids did not have families, so many did not have parents. lot of the kids' parents are incarcerated. see them goo the holiday without a meal. >> he began cooking t
Nov 5, 2012 4:00am PST
wreckage of the chopper has been removed. the ntsb is investigating. the little boy was found a couple of hours after the crash. >> the pittsburgh zoo is closed this definitely after a little boy was killed by a pack of wild dogs. the 2-year-old fell into the exhibit and no one from the crowd of observers jumped in to help. >> reporter: from what we understand the mother picked the child up, actually in a standing position, lifted him up, put him on the railing, almost immediately after that he lost his balance. >> reporter: in an instant what was supposed to be an afternoon of fun for a 31-year-old mother from pleasant hills and her 2-year-old son turned into an unthinkable tragedy. the toddler fell nearly 11 1/2 feet from the railing straight into the pit where the zoo's african dogs were housed. >> fell down off the railing, into the actual pit and he was immediately attacked by 11 dogs. >> reporter: the boy's mother couldn't react but animal keepers did getting seven dogs away initially then three more but one particularly aggressive dog wouldn't let go. >> shortly after this incident
Nov 16, 2012 4:00am EST
saddened. the ntsb is sending a team to mid land to investigate. >>> today is the day former cia director david petraeus faces lawmakers. he's due to testify behind closed doors but there is no doubt he'll also be asked about his extramarital affairs. tracie potts is on capital hill for us with those details. tracie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. that is not supposed to be the focus, but they want to know what former cia director david petraeus knows what happened in benghazi. as you noted, it is a closed door hearing so we will not hear his testimony on camera today or see it although senate leaders have previewed his testimony already before he appears before those committees today. now this comes as we get word that the cia is investigating whether petraeus may have done anything wrong professionally during that affair with paula broadwell, whether he perhaps used agency resources improperly. that investigation is now ongoing as well. the fbi had concluded that this was a personal matter and that was one of the reasons it took a while to filter up to presiden
Nov 16, 2012 5:00am EST
ntsb is sending a team to midland to investigate. >>> well, today is the day former cia director david petraeus faces lawmakers. he's due to testify behind closed doors about that deadly september 11th attack on the consulate in benghazi, but there is no doubt that he'll also be asked about his extramarital affairs. nbc's tracie potts is on capital hill for us with those details. tracie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. they previewed his testimony and plan to ask whether that attack in libya could have been prevented. after three-hour briefings from the cia and the fbi, today both the house and senate intelligence committees will hear from former cia director david fets. >> he interviewed many of the people as i understand it that were involved so the opportunity to get his views i think is very important. >> reporter: the closed door hearing is not expected to get into the affair that prompted petraeus to resign. the cia is now investigating whether he did anything wrong professionally. the fbi concluded it was a personal matter. >> we made the determination as we were
Nov 16, 2012 4:00am PST
saying he's deeply saddened. the ntsb is sending a team to midland to investigate. >>> today is the day former cia director david petraeus faces lawmakers. he's due to testify behind closed doors about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benning aussie. there's no doubt he'll be asked about his extramarital affair. tracie potts is on capital hill for us with those details. >> reporter: good morning. we do know they are focusing on the attacks in benghazi. after three-hour briefing from the cia and fbi, today both the house and senate intelligence committees will hear from former cia director david petraeus. >> he interviewed many of the people as i understand it that were involved and so the opportunity to get his views, i think, is very important. >> reporter: the closed door hearing is not expected to get into the affair that prompted petraeus to resign. the cia is now investigating whether he did anything wrong professionally. the fbi concluded it was a personal matter. >> we made the determination as we were going through the matter that there was not a threat to national
Nov 26, 2012 4:30am PST
. >>> welcome back, everyone. the ntsb looking into the cause of a plane crash. miraculously the couple in the plane made it out with only minor injuries. the husband was flying the plane from novato to john wayne airport in orange county when the plane lost power over the san fernando valley. the plane tore through a fence, flipped over, came to a stop on a sidewalk near cal state northridge soccer field. two roommates on their way to church stopped to help. >> we get the girl, she asked about her husband. we got him, he's like i'm fine, i'm fine, he has blood all down his face. >> the couple taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. can you imagine, they just walked away. >> and lucky that he was standing by to help. >>> let's see if there are any crashes right now. fie mike, it's early. >> there are no major crashes right now but the issue is visibility to avoid any problems. here we're looking at palo alto, our camera looking at willow. you notice the cloud cover at the top of the screen, how dense that is. you see how the li
Nov 18, 2012 7:00am PST
-- supportive. >> president barack obama will head to miramar to maze democratic reforms is and the ntsb is investigating why two choppers patrology hit each other. six -- patrolling hit each other. it has not been determine fire department weather was a factor in that -- whether -- it has not been determined if weather was a factor in that accident. >>> and finding the flaw, the changes being made by it hs security screening system. >>> it is a sunny day outside. it is cold out there, make sure to bundle up and there is no more around the bay area, 7:10 you are watching morning on 2. uz [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver
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Nov 16, 2012 10:00am PST
what else general petraeus said during this testimony. the ntsb wrapped up a news conference on how a train came to slam into a parade float carrying veterans. eginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. megyn: the national transportation safety board wrapping up a news conference on the freight train that slammed into a veterans day parade. it slammed into a float carrying veterans and their families. now four of them are dead and dozens of others injured. >> the ntsb told us that train had a camera on it and something similar to black boxed own an airplane and it will be sent off for analysis. there are 144,000 public railroad crossings around the country and only half of them are equipped with warning device. this one was and union pacific says the device were operational. but the ntsb says it has not determined that. an eyewitness telling us the float was about
Nov 14, 2012 6:30am EST
outlines major safety issues the ntsb wants to focus on in 2013. >>> we'll have an update for you today into the investigation into a deadly meningitis outbreak connected to steroid shots. the commissioner of the fda is testifying before congress today. more than 30 people have died and dozens more have become ill since september. >>> today is world diabetes day it coincides with the birthday of fredrick banting. he was one of two men who discovered insulin in 1922 as a life-saving treatment for diabetic patients. >>> will she or won't she step down? that may be the question for house minority leader nancy pelosi as she's expected to answer reporters today at a news conference. the baltimore native became the first female speaker of the house in 2007 but lost that title in 2010. >>> cute or creepy? facebook has developed a new tool for couples in a relationship. it creates a page for you and your loved one to share posts, events and photos where both of you are tagged. the page is made whether or not you want it. >>> we couldn't see it in person, but take a look at these pictures
Nov 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
pipeline explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes, ntsb concluded one contributing facter was, quote, lax oversight by cpuc. now, two years later the neighborhood started a petition drive calling for the removeal of peavy. governor jerry brown has not responded about peavy, but a common wealth club audience member described the lack of oversight as an embarrassment, asking what would remedy that. >> we have very zealous regulators on the p.u.c. >> i'm shocked and trying to get an appointment with governor brown. >> kathy lives up the street from the blast site. she started the petition drive on -- org. so far there are only 632 signatures comments go together governor. it's unknown if he's seen them yet. >> the fact have you a problem may create a good news story but shouldn't be unexpected. we're human beings. things happen. and then, we respond. public utilities commission has a important task. industries are under it's supervision. i think it's doing a credible job. >> after problems we make changes to correct them that. is the final change that needs t
Nov 16, 2012 7:00am EST
shock still at this time. the ntsb does have a team on the way. they will be on scene later this morning for a complete investigation. savannah, back to you. >> janet shamlian, thank you. >>> cory rogers is a close friend of staff sergeant joshua michael and his family. he's on the phone with us this morning from lubbock, texas. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> of course, our condolences go out to you and your family. i know you've spoken with daylin. i understand her husband pushed her off the float and saved her life. >> yes, he did. i think it was pandemonium more than anything else. you know, i can't even imagine a train coming at you, what reaction you would have, and obviously joshua had the reaction of a real man. >> i know josh had obviously his wife and two little kids. how is the family holding up this morning? >> i think everybody is still in shock, just trying to take the news in. his wife flew back home last night and got to be with the kids. you know, that's not easy news to share with anybody, let alone kids who, you know, have seen their dad go t
FOX News
Nov 5, 2012 2:00am PST
. economy $700 billion. >> the ntsb and faa will be searching the wreckage of a police helicopter for crews of why it crashed over the weekend killing two atlanta police officers on board. they were flying low searching for a missing child when will it hit a power poll and came crashing to the ground. the missing 9-year-old boy was later found safe. >>> inspirational video of illinois senator mark keshg in the first public appearance since january. kirk surpassing his own goal climbing 30 points by climbing 37. >> great. >> a lot more steps than the 45 that may go to the senate front door. they have the rehabilitation institute for chicago. >> before you leave the house let's get your first degree weather update from ma roa molina. election day coming up tomorrow what about the weather? >> we are talking relatively quiet weather a lot of sunshine for many. get out and vote everyone. make that effort. we are seeing trouble spots across portions of the great lakes where we have to deal with showers and heavier batches of rain and showers across portions of the southeast for southern par
Nov 16, 2012 11:00am PST
afternoon. we know that 16 members of a go team from the ntsb are on the ground right now, and they say their investigation could last ten days or longer as they try to answer the most significant question, which they told us just minutes ago was why? why did this happen? how did it happen? witnesses say that the crossing guard warning bars and lights were all functioning properly as this happened. it was just an unfortunate accident and that the train was barreling along. didn't anticipate what was going to happen and slammed into the last or second to last flatbed trailer on the parade route, tamron. a tough go in what was supposed to be a magnificent weekend here. there was a nonprofit group which flew several of the veterans in for this parade. there was to be a banquet and a weekend of all expenses paid hunting for these wounded veterans. they really wanted to celebrate their service and sacrifice before it went terribly awry. >> breaks your heart. thank you so much, jay. >>> we'll be right back. emale a] think you need to go to a department store counter to treat your toughest ski
FOX News
Nov 15, 2012 2:00am PST
alive. the ntsb says it will be months before we know what caused the crash. >>> that is your 5@5:00. >>> a few hours from now law americas will push to get answers on the benghazi terror attack. we now know that former cia director dave ved petraeus will testify tomorrow amid that scandal. during a news conference yesterday president obama insisting the scandal has not jeopardized national security. >> i have no evidence at this point from what i have seen that classified information was disclosed in any way that would have had a negative impact on national security. obviously there's an ongoing investigation. i don't want to comment on the specifics of the investigation. >> those comments coming before we learned that paula broadwell had classified information stored on her computer. peter doocy live for us in washington with more on this story. >> now withthat he won a secondm he started figuring out who would be in his cabinet. a list of candidates for secretary of states is susan write they went on five sun sdhies five days after the deadly raid on u.s. consulate in benghazi lib
Nov 18, 2012 9:00am EST
a freight train. the ntsb says signals activated seven seconds before the float crossed the tracks. four veterans much the iraq and afghanistan war were killed and more than a dozen injured when a train crashed into the parade float. cameras from a police vehicle and the front of the train. >>> a bizarre story in idaho. police are trying to figure out who broke into a zoo in boise and beat a monkey to death. two men were seen running away from the primate exhibit. one of the men dropped a baseball cap with a skull design. then the guard found one of the monkeys hurt. it later died. no other animals appeared to be injured. >>> sandy's impact have crewed clearing out damaged areas. the city of new york plans to demolish dozens of homes damaged by the superstorm. crews will bulldoze 200 moemz on staten island and queens and brookl. crews expected to clear out another 200 homes that were either burned down or washed away when sandy came ashore. the buildings department will still meet to inspect 500 homes and businesses. those could also be put on a teardown list. no word whether homeo
Nov 28, 2012 12:00am PST
those of hue live ntsb nonpowerball states, california, alabama, hawaii, mississippi, utah, wyoming, but still want to marriage here's what you do. >> you feel like you're playing powerball if your state doesn't have it? with guillermo. okay. first, write your favorite numbers. and then get your numbers. and some money. and put them in the garbage disposal like this. ha ha ha! that's where your money goes! >> isn't that great? thank you, guillermo. [ cheers and applause ] starbucks has just introduced its most expensive cup of coffee ever. it is called costa rica -- it is priced at $7 a cup. which might sound like a lot but you're also paying for the ambience of a homeless guy taking a shower in the bathroom sink. starbucks said it is worth $7 because it is made from a rare kind of bean called geisha. if you threw an elbow at an old lady's head this week, you are not allowed to buy this cup of coffee. a $7 comof coffee. i feel like this is a test to find out how stupid we are. while it is ridiculous to spend $7 on a cup of coffee, it is not that much more ridiculous than spending $4
FOX Business
Nov 23, 2012 10:00am EST
the blackberry in favor of the iphone. the customs department and the penalty gone, and the ntsb didn't mings words saying blackberries have, quote, "been failing at inopportune times and at at unacceptable rate." the kettle calling the pot black here? >> by the way, at&t doesn't drop calls at inopportune times? sometimes you feel you're on the planet, pluto, which doesn't exist anymore, but the thing is the tption security administration, you know, immigration is now using iphones, and the blackberry is known for its security. you can't break into it. for parts of homeland security to move to iphones, i have to say, wait a second. it's a sweet iphone, that's nice. i like the blackberries. david: government calling a private company inefficient has to be a first. thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, but one professor says thanksgiving should be a day of atonement, and gerri willis is rile up about this. how so? >> this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. you know, you think of thanksgiving, a day of peace, a day of giving thanks for everything you have. these people t
Nov 17, 2012 10:00pm PST
veterans hit by a train. four veterans died and five people are still hospitalized. the ntsb said that warning bells and lights started 20 seconds before the train slammed into the boat. there is no reason why they didn't get off the tracks. ten preprevious collisions were found at this area. >>> four men missing in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard called off their research for two men who went into the water. it exploded, and four of the 11 survivors suffered major burns. >>> john mcafee now said he never left his sprawling belize compound but he still fears police who want him for questioning. police want to talk to mcafee about the shooting death of his neighborhood last sunday. he told several reporters by phone he was on run and in fear for his life. a police spokesperson said his office is aware of mcafee's latest claim. >> coming up we'll have much more on the breaking news in menlo park where a man was killed during an armed robbery. >> thanksgiving comes out with the china and plates and we have everything you would have on a normal thanksgiving table. >> only he's tal
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm EST
angeles bound for shreveport had four locomotives, each with cameras. that footage ntsb investigators are sending to washington, d.c. >> we're going to know from multiple sources what happened when. >> reporter: in 2003, the seed for this stretch -- fee for this stretch of railway increased from 40 to 60 miles an hour, the speed did. union pacific has not said how fast the 7,000-foot-long train was going but said the engineer sounded its horn. >> i heard the horn seconds before hitting it. >> reporter: posters line the side of the flat bed, remembering the soldiers who fought for their country and died here. >> we're actually -- and why that happened. it's the why that allows us to determine what safety recommendations are needed to make sure these kinds of accidents don't happen into the future. >> reporter: we learned the train was going 62 miles per hour and federal investigators had yes to talk to the driver of the train. the engineer or driver of the truck and they would hope to have a report. >> all of the families. thank you. >>> and thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news e
Nov 25, 2012 6:00pm PST
the hospital for minor injuries the faa and ntsb are expected to investigator this crash. >>> this morning kutv's jade hernandez is live at san francisco interstate airline where some passengers wereied that up to two hours. >> reporter: we're live at sfo and those delays began at 10:00 this morning that caused a few issues for passengers trekking through this airport. we drove to sfo on 101 and ran into fog this morning just before we hit the airport. the fog became a problem for travelers. the duty manager explained at one point there was a two-hour delay for some passengers and by 2:00 the fog advisory was lifted and aloud for many flights to get back on schedule. within the last couple of hours the airport reports only regional delays, along the coast where patches of fog are still causing issues for pilots. exception right now at los angeles inbound and outbound travelers. with so many flights to and from l.a. when flights are backed up it's hard it get ahead of the delays. >> you could see the fog from the bridges and that caused us to reduce the number of airplanes that we w
Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
happened down in midland, texas, yesterday. investigators from the ntsb are on the scene there now. one of the soldiers on that float pushed his wife off the trailer just before impact. he saved her life. but he was killed in the accident. >> it was a chaotic scene. it was loud. it was noisy. people were panicking. >> that was the doctor we just heard from, he was volunteering at the event and rushed to help. he served both in iraq and afghanistan. investigators will look at whether stop lights on the road had backed up traffic which left a float unable to get all the way across the tracks in time. >>> there's new optimism regarding the deficit deal today. president obama and top congressional leaders said they're ready to compromise on a budget and avoid the looming fiscal cliff, as danielle lee reports now. they face growing pressure from the voters to get it done. >> reporter: president obama and leaders of congress sat across the table for the first time since the election to take on america's growing debt. >> my hope is that this is going to be the beginning of a fruitful proc
Nov 15, 2012 7:00am PST
diverse group of sent to congress. >>> and the ntsb said all new cars and trucks should have collision avoiding technology. carmakers say that would add thousands of dollars to the price tag. we'll show you how the new system works and how many lives they could save on cbs "this morning." >> this portion of cbs "this morning" is sponsored by party city. nobody h [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! [ male announcer ] why do more emergency workers everywhere trust duracell...?? duralock power preserve. locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. now...guaranteed. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. best foods and holiday leftovers become irresistibly creamy turkey casserole. real delicious best foods. bring out the best foods. bring out the best. our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural farm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredients. no preservatives. and no added h
Nov 21, 2012 4:00am EST
in motion may be losing a big government. the ntsb may switch to the iphones. the ntsb says blackberries have failed at inopportune times and the iphone would better link with the ipads that the agency is already using. this follows the u.s. immigration and customs bureau switching to iphones last month and the atf made a similar move earlier this year. the values did close up about a percent in new york trade yesterday. >>> we're going to talk more transportation when we come back. we'll also keep our eyes on what's going on with brent. it's trending higher this morning on confirmation that there has been a terrorist attack on a bus in tel aviv. more when we come back. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. >>> we just heard from phil lebeau, talking about the shortage of rental cars in the northeast co
Nov 20, 2012 4:00am PST
revealing the same .22 caliber handgun was used in all three killings. >>> the ntsb will recreate the deadly collision between a train and a truck today. they'll stage a train and a truck at a railroad crossing in midland texas to see what could be seen when and where. investigators say the warning system worked as designed last week, giving a 20-second warning that a train was coming. four veterans were killed during the parade, which was meant to honor them, and their military service. >>> >> a pakistani court has dismissed blast femm blasphemy against a christian teenager. the attorney says the high court in islamabad found that accusations against her were legally unsound. she was arrested in august over allegations she had burned pages of the koran for cooking fuel, a charge she denies. >>> some monday night football action bears and 49ers in san francisco. 49ers backup quarterback coldid more than capable job in his first career job filling in for alex smith who was out for a concussion. he threw for 243 yards including two touchdown passes. the niners scored on each of their fi
Nov 16, 2012 10:00pm PST
. >> reporter: the preliminary ntsb report states that the pilot instructed lauren to walk behind the plane. lauren says she simply does not remember that. do you blame him for this? >> no. i just think it's an accident that has happened, and i don't blame anyone through it. >> reporter: the first time you looked at yourself in the mirror, after the accident, what did you see? >> i think i just saw the reality of what had happened, and i had my eye patch on, and i didn't have my hand, and half my head was shaved, and i was just thinking, wow. that's not the way i have looked in the past. >> reporter: in her new book, she writes about dark days filled with anger and uncertainty. >> i was sure no guy would ever think i was attractive again. much less what would want to marry me. i worried about my career, how was i supposed to type quickly with only one hand? >> reporter: there have been days where you would lay crying on your bed and not wanting to get out of bed at all. >> right. sometimes i think i would just wake up and think, did this really happen? i would think i had dreamt about
Nov 16, 2012 7:00am PST
enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. >>> the ntsb is investigating a tragic crash in texas between a freight train and parade float carrying wounded veterans. four veterans were killed and 16 others injured when the train hit the float yesterday in midland. that float was carrying veterans and their spouses. they were on their way to a banquet. witnesses say people were trying to jump off the float at the point of impact. midland's mayor says the crash is a huge blow to the town. >> i shook their hands and saw them personally, met their wives. truly was an honor to be in their presence. these guys are true american heroes. >> the spokesman for the union pacific train line says the gates and lights were working and the train was sounding its horn before that crash. their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. on gasoline. i am probably
Nov 16, 2012 5:00am PST
october 23rd. an investigation by the ntsb revealing the plane went into a tailspin, crashing shortly after takeoff. the family holding a memorial to celebrate his life tomorrow at the funny farm airport, which he owned and managed. >>> san francisco police are reaching out to children in that city and their message is safety. the police chief will meet with students to talk about the city's safe haven program, which is a group of designated businesses in the neighborhood with signs in their windows showing they have agreed to provide protection to any child who feels threatened. the chief will also give holiday safety tips to students. >>> pack your bags and brace for long line. holiday travel season officially gets under way this morning, and one bay area airport is already predicting record traffic. christie smith is live at sfo. chr what d travelers expect today? >> reporter: we're in terminal 2 and it's quiet on this side. if you walk down just a little further by american airlines, that's when you start to see the crowds pick up. the security lines as well. it's busy but
Nov 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
? >> no. >> then you don't know what you're talking about. let's cut to the chase. >> the ntsb team also collects blood and hair and skin samples and initial reports shows you had alcohol in your system. >> that doesn't mean anything. a couple of beers the night before the flight. >> the toxicology report states you were drunk, and if it is proven your intoxication was the cause of the death of four passengers, now we're going to look at four coincident of manslaughter. that could be life in prison. >> see that was-- that was a scene that i remember when we were starting it off, because it's-- you know, it's not a conscious decision, but whip was a jerk in a lot of ways. he's very argumentative, for no reason sometimes. and in that particular scene, i remember, i said, "okay, you have to lighten the load to begin with." why do i need a lawyer-- not why do i need a lawyer? don't get too heavy too soon so there's somewhere to go. >> rose: here's a guy who was a pilot, and a damn good pilot. it may have been his arrogance that he could do what he was doing and think he could still fly the p
Nov 19, 2012 5:00am PST
thursday's crash in midland, texas. the ntsb says the float started to cross the railroad tracks after the trains warning system sounded. the guardrail came down on the float. the train was not able to stop in time. the parade by the way had used that same route for three years. >>> today marks 24 years since a nine-year-old girl from hayward disappeared. michaela garrett was last seen at the rainbow market on mission boulevard. today at 10:00 michaela's mother will hold her annual gathering at that market now called mexico super. right now tests are being performed on a bone fragment trying to determine if that bone fragment belongs to michaela. the bone was found in a well near stockton. if >>> tonight the san rafael city council will consider a new three year agreement with their minor league baseball team. the san rafael pacifics made their debut this year. the team raised about $10,000 for the city. the new agreement addresses several year is. among those are concerns about noise levels and j-walking in the area. >>> in just a few hours first lady michelle obama will present a nationa
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